Business development services for entrepreneurial ventures

Over the past thirty years I have helped to produce impactful, business-driven marketing plans for entrepreneurial, privately backed ventures. My work includes: the planning and execution of intelligent, in house business development activity and all forms of marketing support –  copy, press, PR, photography, advertising, and social media. However at the heart of all the work I do is bringing in new business.

Whether its a Porsche specialist trying to establish in a fiercely competitive market, a VC backed technology venture with a clever application or a traditional British business operating exclusive restaurants I offer the same non-sector specific focus which is about building relationships with your desired target market to attract revenue and goodwill. I can do this because of my experience and my background.

Companies generally take on people with sector specific experience as it reduces productivity lead times and reduces the risk of mistakes. An alternative approach is to hire a seasoned, commercially mature executive whose experience mitigates the above.




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